WHG Gazetteer Builder Pathways

There are two approaches to developing and publishing gazetteer data in World Historical Gazetteer.
Path A is for single datasets, Path B offers options for bringing for multiple datasets together.

Path A single datasets

Path A is the simplest: (a) create a dataset by uploading a file in Linked Places or LP-TSV format, then (b) augment it by reconciling with our Wikidata index. The resulting dataset can be downloaded for further processing on your own, and optionally published to WHG—making its records searchable and providing a public presentation page and permanent URL.

Path B multiple datasets

In version 3, the Dataset Collection feature has been extended and enhanced. An individual or group can assemble a gazetteer resource by adding datasets to a collection, reconciling each with those already added. In this way, records for the same (or closely matched) places are explicitly linked. The resulting collection can then be published as is—a collection of discrete datasets having linked places—or the linked records from different datasets can be merged, producing a new, composite dataset.