About the World Historical Gazetteer


Empowering discovery by connecting place names across time and language

Project Mission

To build a platform for open linked historical place data accessible through tools and services that permit users to:

  • search and browse contributed data
  • augment and contribute their own data
  • assemble and publish datasets and collections
  • use WHG in teaching and communication, fostering a deeper understand of historical places

The World Historical Gazetteer

This beta Version 3 of the WHG was released in June 2024. Our Version 1 beta launched in October, 2019. For an overview of what is here, what you can do, and what is in the works, please see the Site Guide and the Guides section.

Development of the WHG platform is always ongoing. New content is added continually, from contributions of users and by WHG staff. Please get in touch to discuss prospective data contributions, and with feedback about any aspect of the project.


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